If I Can YOU can!

Glamour Gran Ann has worked a lifetime to create her company and at 66 years young she launched her own brand GGA Cosmetics.  Born in Glasgow into a family of relative poverty and mental health challenges, GlamourGranAnn spent her career of 40 years in the makeup industry perfecting her art and delighting her customers, students and followers.  She is a passionate advocate of Mental Wellness and believes that we can all achieve our dreams if we surround ourselves with the right people, ask for help, take massive action and dare to dream big.

Her work is celebrated across the globe and she is an inspiration to everyone she engages.   With her very own make-up brand and training academy, GlamourGranAnn is on a mission to take her message to the world.  Join her on her journey, she loves you all and appreciates your support and love.

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